Our Services


Oil and Filter change only:

Drain old Engine Oil, remove old Oil Filter. Renew Engine Oil and Oil Filter.

Basic Service:

Drain old Engine Oil, remove old Oil Filter. Renew Engine Oil and Oil Filter, check under hood fluid levels, check lights, wiper refills. Road Test.

Standard Service:

Drain old Engine Oil, remove old Oil Filter. Renew Engine Oil and Oil Filter. Check all Fluid levels top as required, clean out Air Filter Element, Inspect Brakes, Drivebelts, check all Lights, Wipers Blades and Rubber Refills, Pump and Paint all tyres, Road Test.

Premium Service:

Drain old engine oil, remove old Oil Filter, Renew Engine Oil and Oil Filter. Check all fluid levels, top as required, including Power Steering, Transmission, Coolant and Wiper Washer Fluid. Clean Air Filter element, Inspect Brakes all round (wheels off), check Drivebelts, Pump all Tyres, lube doors and locks, check lights, wiper blades and rubber refills. Check Exhaust system. Basic diagnostic engine scan - *Generic OBDII only. We also do either an engine flush to remove built-up deposits, or add fuel injector clean OR both.

Brake service:

We understand the importance of your brakes for the safety of you, your family and the public.Have your brakes checked when you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Your vehicle pulls to one side when you press on the brakes
  • Your brakes require more pressure than normal to stop
  • Pedal sinks to the floor
  • Scraping noise
  • Brakes drag when you are not pressing the pedal
  • Hard pedal
  • Pedal Pulsation
  • Squeals when on or off the Brake pedal
  • Brakes Grabbing
  • Yellow or Brownish fluid leak under the car

Every inch counts in an emergency STOP!!

We are able to check your brakes, remove wheels and visually check brake components, Check condition of brake hoses and lines, Test brake fluid condition, check all pads and rotors for minimum thickness and report, Check and adjust handbrake mechanism.

and if needed supply and fit either new original equipment brakes, performance brake package up-grades and big brake upgrades. Please call us to find out what options are available for your car.

Battery service:

We offer free Battery testing. Replacement Battery and Terminal Servicing. Alternator testing and replacement.

Vehicle diagnostics scan:

Are your Engine check lights on? Come in and see us, we have the up to date equipment with Multi vehicle diagnostic scan tools to help you with either major or minor problems on your vehicle.

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We can offer you Qualified Technicians with years of experience and skills to work on your vehicle. Our pricing is very competitive.

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